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this weekend in san francisco. police say 19-year-old kenneth harding ran from officers when they boarded a muni train. they were looking for evaders, that's when they remember forced to use their epiens after he opened fire. kron 4's terisa estacio talks to the police chief. >> reporter: the facts prove the officers had no choice. they had to use their weapons in the shooting this weekend where a mat was shot after a confrontation with officers for avading a fare on a muni. he laid it out, howcome rus record -- cameras recorded the shots. >> he fired at the officers under his arms. the officers returned fire, striking kenneth harding. independent witnesses, i applaud the courage of the witnesses to come forward in this type of environment, confirm the suspect fired on the officers before they returned fire. >> special audio system recorded the gunfire. police say the first shot is the suspects. >> audio picks up the sound of gunfire that lead to the translation of those events. play the audio. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: after the shooting police say a bystander drab grabbed -- grabbed the
and mouthed stow. >>> people held a vigil for kenneth harding. some believe he might have somehow been killed by police. his death parked violent protest this week but kenneth harding died from a self- inflicted gun shot wound, not from a police officer's bullet. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us he was remembered at a vigil honoring those lost to violence. >> a make shift alter was set up. candles were lit as photos of those who were lost to violence were posted. the center picture is oscar grant and kenneth harding, jr. messages were strung up on rope. this one says justice for victims of police violence. vigil organizer is with power, an organization that helps individuals find work. she says it's time for the community to start the healing process. >> folks will be able to put up pictures and notes and we are here to celebrate the surviable of folks who have been dealing with this. >> reporter: they saw police officers shoot kenneth harding and it's hard for them to believe he died from a shelf inflicted gun shot wound. >> i still have that image of
seattle parolee by san francisco police. kenneth harding fired upon two officers after running away. police say the video show as pistol they believe was used by kenneth harding. investigators recovered what appears to be that weapon after it disappeared from the scene. >> a huge set back to what our efforts have been. >> police explained the use of force. >> we be witnesses who saw the flash, the suspect in this case fired backwards at the officers as he was running. >> reporter: investigators say recordings show 10 shots were fired. with the shot fired by kenneth harding heard after a car horn. >> reporter: kenneth harding's grandmother said he used to live in san francisco with his mother. he is a person of interest in the killing of tanaya gilbert of seattle and was in parole. protesters said kenneth harding's background doesn't matter. >> i don't care if he is a massacre poster child. if he was white he would have gone to trial. >> reporter: san francisco police said a -- set a town hall meeting wednesday night to talk about theshooting. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>
about his death. >> reporter: this is the bullet that was found in kenneth harding's head. next to it a bullet in his pocket. these bullet belong to a .380 caliber hand gun. police say that's the gun the department has been using since 1995. >> the bullet removed from his head is not consistent with the service ammunition used by the san francisco police department. >> reporter: one gun shot entered and exited his leg and neck. the cause of death is still under investigation. >> as you see in the video, a witness statement showing that someone in the crowd picked up the weapon, shell casings and a cell phone that scene. the wound was self inflected. >> reporter: kron 4 news. >>> community leaders are reacting to the new information. kron 4's reggie kumar has more. >> reporter: she says she is shocked over the police officer involved shooting investigation. authorities say kenneth harding died from a self-inflected gun shot wound. >> if in fact the facts bear out that the -- the -- the bullet lodged in his head or neck was of a different caliber then the fire arms the police depa
with an attorney. his firm will represent kenneth harding's family to ensure a transparent investigation into ceph's death. his mother described her son who was a parolee for rape and called a person of interest in a murder a god man who was raised in a church. >> he was very independent. he was very loving. caring. giving. he -- he loved his family. and he loved his mother. >> police say they shot at kenneth harding after he opened fire at him. >>> leaders paid muni passengers' fairs today in response to kenneth harding's shooting. leaders say sometimes people can't afford the fare that's why they sneak on without paying so they were handing out cash on the platform. >> you have to pay. you can't ride for free so we are hear to help the police department and the community. >> the free fare was provided by a group called the concerned citizen community and they hope to get funding to continue the service. >>> the suspects in the beating of san francisco giants' fan bryan stow are blaming each other. the two were involved in several other fan attacks that same day. >> he was at the game but he was
. >> reporter: here in oakland that law firm the family of kenneth harding who was shot and killed have hired the law firm, they want answers. they believe the police department about the shooting keeps changing so they want police to share every piece of evidence they have with them so they can come to their own conclusions as to why and how kenneth harding was shot. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> reporter: at san francisco general hospital family members of a girl say she remains in critical condition after being hit by a stray bullet when a fight broke out in front of her uncle's house over the weekend. the 11-year-old undergone surgery for her wounds and the girl is expected to be make a full recovery. haaziq madyun, kron 4 news. >> leaders crediting information from hundreds of tips with helping to solve crimes blamed on a spike in gang violence. the mayor says the june gang related shooting death of garcia led to a tipping point in the community. information from the tips led to an arrest in the case but also proving valuable in solving other cases. he also says there is more trust in the
-old kenneth harding he kenneth harding was a person of interest in last week's slaying of a 19-year-old woman in seattle. still, some dispute the police account. >> i saw him running for his life. >> we have witnesses say that they did see the muzzle flash. >> reporter: police say they will hold town hall meetings in the bayview district in hope of addressing the community concerned. >>> the sheriff's department says a teenager has been arrested in connection with a recent series of bus stop robberies. deputies arrested a teenage boy sunday afternoon. he is a suspect in the robbery and assault june 26th and a spokesman said likely more west will be made. >>> to dinner to accused of starting a fire appeared in court -- two teenagers accused of starting a fire appeared in court today they will be charged as adults even though they are 16 and 17 years old and will face sentences of at least 10 years in prison. >>> taking care legal matters is expected to take much longer due to budget cuts. the san francisco superior court will close 25 courtrooms at the end of september. the california budget t
kenneth harding used to shoot and kill himself is now in their custody. a resident helped lead them to the weapon. kenneth harding was killed july 16. he fired at police and police returned fire. >>> the woman accused of burglarizing the room of alex trebek made her first appearance in court today. lucinda moyers was steeling items from the room while alex trebek was asleep. lucinda moyers was charged with burglary and possession of stolen property. >>> ban on circumcision in san francisco will be removed from the november ballot. today a judge ruled that the measure is pree.ed by state law. and the judge said the proposal would violate the first amendment. >>> the first wave of bay area police officers graduated today from a new crisis intervention class. the course was hosted by oakland police. it's meant to help officers deal with individuals effected by mental illness. the police chief says it provides necessary training experience. >> what we have seen is in past history we have large numbers of mentally ill who have special needs and the message is that we are going to treat
that killed kenneth harding during a foot chase july 16.  investigators say someone in the neighborhood led them to the pistol which officers say someone picked up in the chaos after the gun battle. tests determined it is the 38 that fired the bullet that killed kenneth harding. police believe he shot himself. >>> little room for optimism. better than expected. the number of people filing first time claims fell by 24,000. first time claims hit 398,000. the lowest level in 16 weeks. the number of continuing claims fell to 3.7 million. >>> the san francisco bay garden is laying off staff to save money. tim says they have been forced to lay off three employees. in 2008 they sued trying to ruin the guarden for undercutting its add rates. they settled for an undisclosed amount of money. >>> all dancers, the warriors girls are looking for new moves and this saturday the warriors' dance team will hold auditions and all 18 spots are open. last year's girls aren't guaranteed a call back and will be required to audition. we spoke to two dancers and they say the process is a tough one. >> each year e
and killed 19-year-old kenneth harding jr. he was a parolee out of washington street. officers said he fired first. so in return officers fired back. that created tensions in the bay view and as a result these people protesters are upset over that police shooting and they have taken to the streets gathering first this evening in dolores park. now they are headed west on 18th street and obviously effecting traffic in this area of san francisco. so if you're having to be in this area you want to avoid it because protesters here are on the move. we're going to continue to watch them and follow any new developments and bring them to you as soon as we get them. >> we don't know where they plan to eventually get to. but again they are going west on 18th they could end up on castro street or in the vicinity of the church street. we will keep an eye on this and bring you more information as soon as we get them. >>> the l.a. county board of supervisors voted today to increase their reward to $25,000. that brings the total reward now to $225,000 in the case of stow. stow remains in serious condition a
lawyer. the mother and uncle of the 19-year-old kenneth harding contacted john burress to monitor the investigation and possibly file a lawsuit against the city. burress represented the family of oscar grant, shot by a bart police officer in 2009. police here are on the lookout for kenneth harding's brother, a 21-year-old andrel harding wanted for questioning in the deadly beating of a man. >>. >>> in norway, authorities say they overcounted the victims of friday's shooting rampage, saying 68 people were killed not 86. the man who confessed to the attacks enter aid not guilty plea. he says he acted to save europe from muslim immigration. and today and oslo bombing and shooting massacre that followed. he says he not criminally responsible. >> in a closed courtroom, he referred to two other cells of his organization that are out there, working with him. >> he believes he needed to carry out these acts in order to save norway and western europe from among other things muslim take over. >> terror is plain on the faces of the teen who's barricaded themselves in a cabin. mattresses prop
suspect, kenneth harding took off running. there were forced to use their weapons after he opened fire. he died at the scene. caught on you tube. he is wanted for the murder of a pregnant woman in washington state. despite that, people are still upset. as police accused of using excessive force. >>reporter: they came to speak out about this a neighborhood shooting. they believe the police should have had a less violent solution. >> we are really shocked about what happened. we saw it on the you tube. by the time i got here. is.. painful to see. >>reporter: most of the people are anchored by the severity of how he was- anchored. kenneth harding did not have a gun. people are angry. - >> i do not know the entire story that perhaps he had a gun or he did not. there are a lot of stories going around of the match, he still lost his life. >>reporter: he has a criminal record, wanted in eight murder for washington state they did not know that when he was shot. >> i doubt the officers knew that and when they opened higher. it is not shoot first and ask questions later. >>catherine: he is
for the investigation. the man at the center of the controversy is 19 year-old kenneth harding, that is his photograph, he is a parolee from seattle it was originally thought that the police shot and killed him after they say that he opened fire on them after he dating a muni fair. tonight we are learning new details about his death. >> san francisco police are saying that kenneth harding received a self-inflicted wound. that means that he basically shot himself today the medical examiner released information about his gunshot wounds. >> this is the bullet that was found in kenneth harding said. right next to a bullet that was found in his jacket pocket. police say that these gloves belong to a 380 caliber handgun compare them to the ones seen here. the jobless from a 40 caliber weapon, police say that is the handgun that the entire department has been using since 1995. >> the bullet that was removed from his head is not consistent with the service ammunition that was used by the san francisco police department. >> the medical examiner said that one gun shot entered and exited his left leg, the se
that was killed last saturday running from the said that kenneth harding died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. a lot of people in the community say that they are dubious about the story by officers, they still think he was shot by the police. j.r. stone is live in the bayview. this vigil, is is still going on? who >> it is still going on in another section of the bay view, i can tell you that this vigil that is going on is a much different mood than the last to be events that were held in this area. a lot more somber, he did not see officers there because this was a community event, this is for those people that were still upset. despite what the medical examiner said about a self-inflicted gunshot wounds, many people did not believe that was the case. they do not believe that is the case. i want to go to some of the video from this vigil. there were only a few dozen people it was much more somber than the other events that were held this week. some of the pictures that were held up, kenneth harding and oscar grant. i talked with some people watching this event they said they still remember
that the people have, there has been a lot of outrage after 19 years old kenneth harding was shot and killed by the police that shooting sparked a dangerous protest that cause some damage around san francisco. again we are watching as they get ready for the meeting it will begin at any time. grant lotus what does it reveals the demonstration shows some of the damage. >> on tuesday some of the people protesting that bayview shooting out of hand. that protest started at the lawrence park but it quickly spilled into the mission, into the castro, people were going ever where all during rush hour traffic 35 people were arrested. we have some video for you to see the police officer was charging in tackling a man on the ground and that got everybody all riled up. the watch this, coming in from the left side of your screen this photographer from the san francisco chronicle gets pushed to the ground her camera breaks. we will slow this down and take another look. this is one of the images that will be lasting from this process. that won't unfortunately not injured, but as you can see things were get
that kenneth harding's brother is wanted in connection with that murder in seattle last night. police put out an all points bulletin he may be headed to san francisco. investigators recently revealed that the bullet that killed kenneth harding did not come from a police weapon suggesting that harding may have killed himself. >>> in oakley, police found a man shot to death inside a car tonight. it happened around 7:00 p.m. on laurel road in o'hara avenue. another shooting victim was found nearby and airlifted to john muir medical center. his condition is unknown. police detained a suspect and he is being questioned but no arrests have been made. they are still searching for more suspects. >> two men are under arrest in san francisco tonight in connection with the shooting of a 11-year-old girl. a stray bullet went through the wall of a home where the girl was spending the night. lisa amin gulezian reports from the western addition. >> we don't know why it happened. why more bullet entered our house. >> last night the whole family was caught in the crossfire of what police are calling a gang fi
believes kenneth harding jr. may have fired a shot that killed him. >> apparently the officer shot, hit the suspect in the leg, so imagine if you would an instant hamstring pain pull would cause the person to lurch. the gun entered the left side of the neck and exited the cheek. >> reporter: the medical examiner said yes that the gun ár shot that killed harding did not come from a police gun. police confiscated a gun that was at the scene but did not fire the bullet that killed harding. police believe the shot seen in this widely seen video fired the shot. it has not been found. investigators say the first shot was fired by harding. today they said they don't know which of the other nine shots killed him. >> that shot in terms of its proximity to the body itself may have been muffled because of potentially a contact shot or very close in itself. and the system may not have picked up that shot. >> reporter: these latest case developments including the missing gun have deepened distrust of police. >> the gun should have been directly up under the kid's body, okay. i mean it's just a lot
-old man over the weekend. he is the brother of 19-year- old kenneth harding, who died after being shot by police during a muni fare check in the bayview. police later determined harding may have shot himself. kenneth harding was a person of interest in a separate seattle murder. >>> early-morning police chase in oakland left a 19-year-old driver dead. officers say he may have been driving drunk. the man was thrown from his car when he crashed on the 29th avenue off-ramp from i-880. officers say he was not wearing a seatbelt. chp was trying to stop him after they saw his car weaving on international boulevard. the investigation had the off- ramp closed for about six hours. >>> less than an hour earlier, a 29-year-old man was shot while he and his family were feeding the homeless in east oakland. police say the man and his wife and two daughters were feeding the man on 47th avenue when someone pulled up in a van and just began shooting. the man was shot, he is on life support. officers do not have a suspect description or a motive in the shooting. at this hour, they are reaching out to t
office has identified him as kenneth harding. ktvu christian captain is live now with the seattle shooting harding may be connected to. >> reporter: we will start off with a look at the growing memorial to 19-year-old kenneth harding here at the intersection of third street and oak dale. let's show you the scene where all of this began. the running gun battle through the san francisco bay. overnight ktvu learned harding was wanted in connection of a murder of 19-year-old tania gilbert out of seattle. she was shot and killed last wednesday. it was reported that gilbert was pregnant but the coroners office says she was not. police say harding is the man seen on the ground in a you tube video that came out over the weekend. san francisco police say they shot and killed him when he took off after officers tried to stop him on the muni platform. he started firing at him. officers could not find the gun. people in the area were outraged. a lot of the people here in the bay view said police could not find the gun. >> until they find a gun he don't have no gun. >> reporter: yesterday afte
over the death of kenneth harding but many people who took the podium wanted to talk about loved ones who were killed, some several years ago. others took to the podium to complain about what they say was police brutality or even profiling. what this meeting and what the death of kenneth harding was, what it seemed like was pouring salt on what people in the bayview here say is really an open wound. >> you sat through the meeting, elizabeth. did you feel like anything got through? was there accomplishment on either side. >> reporter: you know, it was really an opportunity for people to really vent their frustrations and really feel like they were heard. and the meeting went on well after the chief left. so it was an opportunity for people it take the microphone and tell their stories. >> all right. elizabeth cook in san francisco. thank you. >>> now, members of the group bam attended yesterday's protest and tonight's meeting. even though many are not from the bayview. to learn more about what critics call professional protestors i spoke with a representative of b.a. m. and i asked her
to the gun that was used by kenneth harding. you might remember the youtube video that we saw of the man in the gray hooded sweatshirt. it looked like he picked up the gun that was allegedly used by kenneth harding. and police say that they have confirmed that the fatal bullet matches the gun that they have just recovered. so they believe that they have the gun that was involved. this was an incident in the bayview two weeks ago. >>> in other news, the hotel maid who accused dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault thanked her supporters today. she spoke at a church center in brooklyn just a few hours ago. 32-year-old says she and her daughter have been going through a lot the last couple of months. strauss-kahn has pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted rape and other crimes. >>> the parolee once accused of the bryan stow beating is trying to get out of prison. lawyers for giovanni ramirez asked a judge to let him go. the "los angeles times" reports the attorneys accused police chief charlie beck of rushing to judgment when he announced ramirez was the person who attacked stow. afte
. >> the medical examiner says it was not a san francisco police bullet that killed kenneth harding jr. rob roth is live now in the bay view where the stunning new development is still trickling out to the community, rob. >> reporter: the san francisco medical examiner in a surprising twist revealed what she found during the autopsy of kenneth harding. >> the bullet which was removed from his head is not consistent with the service ammunition used by the san francisco police department. the removed bullet has been released to the san francisco police department for further analysis. at this time, the cause and manner of death of mr. harding are pending. >> reporter: the medical examiner says she recovered a .380/9-millimeter caliber round. police use .40 caliber bullets. police say he fired at them and they fired back. it appears police did strike harding on the ankle then hardings gun went off. >> we believe the fatal wound on mr. hardings body was self- inflicted. the investigation is still ongoing to find out whether or not this was an accident or intentional. >> reporter: police say they rec
police say the fatal shot that killed a man was not fired from an officer's gun. kenneth harding died over the weekend during a confrontation with police in the bay view distric district. lillian kim is in the newsroom with revelation today that changes everything. >> this revelation was made when investigators took a close look at the bullet recovered from kenneth harding body. they say there's no way the bullet could have come from an sf pd officer gun. >> have we believe that fatal wound on mr. harding's body was self inflicted. >>reporter: san francisco police commander mike beall delivered the stunning news. the 19-year-old kenneth harding was not killed by officers as originally thought. instead investigators say he shot and killed himself. >> the investigation is still ongoing as to whether or not this is accidental or intentional act. >>reporter: police say officers fired at harding after he shot at them first while running away during a muni fare inspection. one bullet went through his leg. the other entered his neck and lodged in his head. investigators believe it was
of this homicide. >> reporter: investigators say 19-year-old kenneth harding fired upon two officers after running away on this muni platform. police say this show as pistol they believe was used by kevorkian. investigators recovered the weapon after it disappeared from the seen. >> i did not see a weapon period. i saw him running frahis life. >> witnesses did say they saw the flash, the suspect fired backwards that officers. >> reporter: police today said an audio recording of the shooting indicates kenneth harding fired the first shot. heard just after a car horn. >> reporter: kenneth harding is a person of interest in the slaying of tanaya gilbert of seattle. and was an parole for attempting to force a 14-year- old into prostitution. a town hall meeting is set for wednesday to quell community concerns this was an unprovoked shooting. >> i am sensitive to how the community feels. >> reporter: police say the man seen in this video took the pistol from the shooting scene. they recovered that but they say he also took shell casings and a cell phone. the grandmother indicated he moved to san francis
that killed a seattle parolee in the bayview district. the 19 year-old, kenneth r. harding was on parole from >> there was a photographer that was pushed down. she was not hurt about her camera was broken. j r stone caught up with some of the people in the crowd who are arrested. >> in san francisco, about 100 protesters rallied after what they called police brutality. more than 35 people arrested. take a look at this video. it was anything but nonviolent. but at one point protesters went to any station in the castro area and were basically beading anything they could. anything they could get their hands on in plain sight. kwok have after several arrests were made, a photographer with the san francisco a chronicle was thrown down to the ground. it was a scene that was anything but >> as for the man shot and killed last week, san francisco police concluded that he did have gunshot residue on his hands when he was shot by the two officers. those tests support eye witness accounts that the 19 year- old aspiring at officers as he was running from them. the police chief says he fired the first
on saturday. the coroners office now identifying him as kenneth harding. ktvu christian kafton is live on the shooting harding is connected to hundreds of miles away. >> reporter: a memorial out here is growing in the bay view district in the last hour we have seen a woman come by and light the candles. if you take a look over here we will swing around and show you a quick tour of where all of this occurred. this plaza over here is the plaza that san francisco police say harding was running through during a running gun battle. it started on the muni platform over there on third street. overnight ktvu learned that harding was wanted in connection and questioning for a washington state homicide of a 19-year-old woman named tania gilbert and she was shot and killed last wednesday in south seattle. three others were injured in that ambush style shooting. it was said that she was pregnant but the coroner says she was not pregnant. police say harding is the man seen on the ground in a you tube video that was forwarded to ktvu this weekend. san francisco police 51 they shot and killed him whe
in a shootout died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. investigators say kenneth harding of seattle had bullet wounds to his leg and neck at the fatal bullet that entered in the neck could not have come from a police weapon. >> the bullet is a .380-caliber and is not consistent with department issued ammunition. furthermore, the bullet could not have been fired from any department issued firearm. >> no one out here says that he shot himself, no one. >> here is another wrinkle. had police are trying to find the gun that harding used. a cellphone video shows a gun being picked up at the scene. >>> starting this fall, smoking will be banned at the college of marin. they approved a new policy prohibiting smoking entirely on two campuses. signs of will be posted and officials say they simply will hand out warnings to anyone caught in the first but to months. >>> friday is here and weekend is here and plans be being made. people wonder what is going to be out there. and mike nicco has good news. >> wonder no more. here it is. >> still a lot of sunshine, cooler temperatures and out and about, you hav
that the bullet which killed a 19-year-old kenneth harding, the bullet that struck him in the head is, in her words not consistent with a bullet fired from a service resolver of the san francisco police department that. would imply that harding may have killed himself with his own gun. now, dr. hart says the cause of death is still pending, pending investigation. last night, chief went to the bay view to hold a town hall meeting and discussed this shooting but was greeted with a less than cordial reception to say the least. >> see what the problem is. let's fix it. >> the confrontation was ugly. there was outrage. the crowd booed the chief. they interrupted him repeatedly. the chief finally gave up and left. >> i think they should have gave him a fair chance to speak. >> we spoke with bay view residents like maurice tippet and rode the t line. the path cuts through the bay view. many like tippet were embarrassed by the reception they gave to the chief but they understand why there was so much pent-up anger. >> ain't nothing but police down in the bay view. they just messing with people. >> la
the man over the weekend. the suspect 19-year-old kenneth harding was armed and fired first at officers on saturday. at the time of the shooting police didn't recover a weapon but video posted on youtube showed a silver handgun on the ground right there at the scene near the suspect's body. it showed another person at the scene picking the gun up and walking away. after they got the video they recovered the go gun at a home the man that shot the video he says he was frustrated about people speaking out without knowing the facts. >> i believe the police officers -- and i, you see a gun there. i'm not sure where the gun came from. the young man who picked it up, luckily they got it. >> they are talking with seattle police after learning the man they shot was a person of interest in a shooting there that left one woman dead and three others injured. they are holding a news conference at 2:00 this afternoon and is in the process of planning a townhall meeting on wednesday to discuss the shooting with the public. >>> they plan to picket u.s. airways over the arrest of a man wearing saggy pan
to a police shooting in san francisco may now be in the bay area. 19-year-old kenneth harding died in a shootout. they say he was self-inflicted gunshot wound while running from police. now san francisco police have received an all-points bulletin that harding's brother may be in the bay area. that unidentified brother is believed to be wanted in the questioning in a 50-year-old washington man. >>> a young man will return to richmond with quite a story to tell after surviving a bear attack in the alaskan wilderness and helped save two other people's lives. victor martin was that taking part in a would long wilderness survival program. his group was attacked by a grizzly bear and he suffered wounds to his ankles and feet. he used his skills during the training to treat two other teens which suffered more severe wounds. he with the injured teens for eight hours before help survived. >> he fell down. as he fell gown he started kicking and praying. thank god i taught my child how to pray. >> instructors spent three weeks training the teens before letting them fend for themselves. the g
for the gun that 19 year-old kenneth harding used and then he ended up killing themselves with. harding was killed during a shootout with police on july 16th. it looks as if he shot and killed himself. >> to washington, we are now just four days away, tuesday is the deadline to raise the debt ceiling or the u.s. government will not be able to borrow money to pay its bills. today, house republicans are trying for a third day to pass a debt ceiling bill that has almost no chance of surviving the senate even if it passes the house. house speaker john boehner suffered a stinging setback when a group of conservative republicans backed out from voting for his plan. baker had to postpone the vote can't while he tried to win support -- john boehner had to postpone the vote while he tried to win back support. some house republicans are speaking out as to why they are not voting for the plan. >> i cannot support this plan. i would love to be able to support john dinner. >> we want to assure that we never get here again. i want to support something that makes sure that we never did hear again. >>
have the canal hired an attorney kenneth harding's family are demanding answers from police >> delays preferred to kenneth harding as a parolee was accused having a girl under age, go into prostitution >> a matter of his criminal background that is no reason for him to be shot down and killed >> they do not believe the san francisco police department on how harding down after a confrontation >> i'm hurt, angry and i want the truth >> nell their attorney is asking to turn over all evidence that was in the reveal all surveillance video all 91 calls and test results on shot residue >> we want all of value wait and make our own decisions another claim that might be rescinded later on >> addition to all the evidence that the family wants they're also asking for any other witnesses that there were out there to contact his law firm and tell them exactly what they saw. >> severs is the police department released this statement stay tune to kron 4 for the latest in a story >> stand by for the forecast for the day >> new-line need your windshield wipers this morning. you will see mostly cloudy
-old victim when she was killed. kenneth harding was her roncalli in seattle. that is not the only run in. he was the first person of interest-in that woman's 19 year-old killing and the seattle. she was pregnant. people in washington state history. some of what i found during today. most promoting prostitution. picking out a 13 year-old. prostituting out a 13 year- old. also needed to help time for assaulting a bus driver in seattle. the bus driver walked back to warn him to stop the obscenities the bus seat and punched him. also in 2009 of first- degree robbery. these are three cases in the last three years. >>catherine: you spoke t a double-homicide and richmond. >> historic plea there has been some type of friction between these two groups north richmond and a central richmond. i do not know the root cause of that is or when it began. it has been for several years since this beef has been going on. when we are looking to see if there's any connection between the last night in the connection that we had a couple of weeks ago. on july 3rd. we are concerned about retaliatory shooting. and pu
checks at a platform saturday say 19-year-old kenneth harding took off running when they approached him. they say he started shooting and they fired back. >> the far left image is the bullet that was recovered by the medical examiner. >> reporter: initially police thought their officers killed him, but autopsy results reveal a new twist. >> having personally reviewed the analysis, the bullet is of a .380/9 millimeter caliber and is not consistent with department issued ammunition. further more, the bullet could not have been fired from any department issued firearm. >> reporter: it does match an unused bullet that they found in his pocket. >> we believe the fatal wound on mr. harding's body was self-inflicted. the investigation is still ongoing whether this is accidental or intentional. >> reporter: and more questions remain about the gup used in the shooting. we know the one recovered from a parolee's home does not match the caliber, so the search continues. police say they're still looking for the gun seen in amateur video posted on youtube and for the person they claim picked it up,
that time we begin to see youtube videos as what we now know as 19-year-old kenneth harding, parolee from washington state, lying on the grand in the third street corridor with an angry crowd of people amassing around him. it's a grisly video. the medical examiner's office says the bullet they retrieved from his head is not the right size to come from an sfpd weapon. kenneth harden's right hand had gun residue on it which would support the notion he fired at the police first before they fired back at him. all of that it seems has not calmed the anger among those in the bay view who say this is one more example of what they consider to be a long history of widespread generalized police brutality, not just from sfpd but pretty much from police in general as they see it. >> belva: you explained the video was pretty gruesome. it shows the young man bleeding on the ground and officers surrounding that area and screaming people around that. why did the police officers decide that no one should approach this man? because they thought he had a gun still? >> well, you know, often in terms of law e
picture. kenneth harding a parolee from seattle wanted for questioning in a smoothing death up there. but a lot of people who came to the meeting last night said this wasn't really about him per se. it was more about years of bad relations between the police department and the community. they had several concerns saying it shouldn't have gotten as far as it did over the weekend, saying this man was shot in front of children and that police officers basically let him bleed to death in the streets. so the police department obviously has a lot more work when it comes to community relations here in the bayview and greg suhr, the police chief, says he is planning more community meetings but none of those scheduled just yet. >> anne, do we know if there is any more evidence that was presented to the community? that was the intention. >> reporter: the main thing that the chief was going to do was present where the investigation is now. we had heard some information about the suspect with gun residue, gunpowder on his hand so that was kind of for lack of a better term a smoking gun for the p
're looking at here 19-year-old kenneth harding was the first person to fire. in a news conference police also released audio of the actual sound of the shootout between police and the suspects on saturday night. [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: ten shots in total. police say the first shot was from harding. some witnesses say he was unarmed. police recovered a gun. a man in the crowd picked up a weapon and walked away. police got it back later and are testing it forensically to see if it was the weapon fired by the suspects. meanwhile, at a rally in the bayview yesterday, people expressed their growing rage over what happened. >> what the people is really angry about is the way after he was shot and laying down there bleeding viciously in front of everybody. that's the uproar is about. >> i been hearing a lot of stories. all i know is whatever it is, it has to stop because more people will die. >> reporter: meanwhile, we are getting a lot of new information about the man who was shot kenneth harding. he has a long criminal history, officials like child rape and attempt to force a 14-year-ol
-old kenneth harding of san francisco saturday was self- inflicted. they are not sure if it was a suicide or an accident. but police use .40-caliber handguns and the bullet that killed harding was from a .380 handgun. still, people in the community are skeptical. >> there's a lot of conflicting reports out there as to what happened on saturday and that just reflects people's frustration in the neighborhood with a long history of being disenfranchised. >> the san francisco medical examiner says harding died from his own bullet that entered his neck and lodged in his head. >>> bart has unveiled security camera video captured during an officer-involved shooting at the san francisco train station. a homeless man died after a confrontation with police at the civic center station on july 3 sparking protests. the bart police chief says the officer fired after hill wielded a knife and threatened police. the chief highlighted path of a knife thrown at the officer. it struck the side of a bart train and slid across the floor. >>> and the california judicial council will hold a special session this
officers but there are new details in this case >> this is a bullet was found in kenneth harding's had this is the one that was found in his potpi is headquartere. >> the bullet was removed from his head is not the caliber that is issued to an 7 cisco police department the cause of death is still under investigation. >> the witness say missed showed someone in the crop picked up the weand the weapon vilipending pistol carvings life was self- inflicted. >> able are in shock and they're asking the fbi is take over the case >> she said she is shocked over the new allegations that were made by the police department they are stating bad debt starting died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds >> facts bear out the bullet that was lodged in his head or neck was a different caliber dent the firearms and that police carry. then those are the facts the police department has done something wrong they need to a minute particles now it's up to them a community on how we respond to things. >> naacp spokesman said in light of the new information and independent end of that station needs to take place >>
gun, not from police. kenneth harding was shot in the head as he was running from police in the bay view. investigators say evidence shows the fatal bullet was not fired by an officer, vic lee is live for us with the latest. vick? 50 family members of kenneth harding have hired a well-known oakland lawyer, john burress. his law firm held a news conference late this afternoon. they say they're on a mission of truth to seek answers about how harding died. his mother talked to us. >> i'm angry and hurt. i want the truth. i want justice to be done. >> the 19-year-old kenneth harding killed on saturday, july 16th after police said he fired on two officers on third street checking out muni ticket evaders. five days later, police made the surprising announcement after getting results. >> we believe that the wound was self inflicted. >> and police chief gives a theory on how he may have accidentally shot himself. >> apparently the officer shot, hit the suspect in the leg so imagine, if you would an instant hamstring pain pull would cause the person to lurch. the gun lodged behind the cheek.
district over the weekend. that 19 year-old was identified as kenneth harding, a parolee from seattle who was released from jail. he was convicted on three felonies including promoting prostitution involving a 14 year old girl and armed robbery. he was also linked to the murder in washington state of this credit 19 year-old woman. police say that he was the person of interest in her killing that happens last wednesday in seattle. as for harding, he died of a scene gift of the officers called the shootings serious to this is video from the investigation. police say he ran from officers as they were conducting a game fare search. officers that he began shooting at them as he was running away. police say 10 shots were exchanged in 10 seconds. >> the time in 7:12 a.m.. we are back with more in a couple of minutes. necklace get a live look at our camera in san jose. .new-line horne reached aho. hohhot if wifbut >> , is 7:15 a.m.. this is video of two men who have a rifle in this case smoke shop. they demanded money. as owner of the store puts the money in that court to " compaq cochran, the
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